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Money Talks: See How ‘Rich Kids Of Zimbabwe’ Including Mugabe’s Sons Flaunted Their Wealth (Photos)

Vanessa Chironga’s father is property mogul and politician Philip Chiyangwa, a ‘nephew’ of Mugabe (Picture: Credit: IMP Features/Chris White)
But you wouldn’t know it from these photos, showing how the country’s elite are still finding plenty of wealth to go around.
Chatunga Mugabe posted this photo of his watch (Picture: IMP Features/Chris White
Photos shared online, including by Mugabe’s sons, show a minority have been living the high life, pouring champagne on their Rolex just ’cause, wearing $14,000 alligator skin Giuseppe Zanotti trainers and travelling around in silver plated Rolls-Royces and private jets.
The younger Mugabes, Robert Jr, 25 and Chatunga, 21, have both shared photos of their luxury lifestyle showing off their bling and expensive cars.
Sidney Hambira Jr on a private jet (Picture: IMP Features/Chris White)
Robert Mugabe made headlines after turning up to college in Dubai in a black Batmobile, which he bragged about to 23,000 followers on Instagram.
His brother Chatunga was filmed pouring a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne on his Rolex watch at a nightclub just to show off.
Their father Robert Mugabe resigned today amid scenes of jubilation in the country.
Vanessa and her sister Michelle are known as the ‘Zimbabwe Kardashians’ (Picture: IMP Features/Chris White)
Zimbabweans have been filmed celebrating in Harare with many cheering, dancing and honking car horns.
And the celebrations seem to be spreading, with Zimbabweans living in South Africa also taking to the streets in Johannesburg.
Zanu PF chief whip Lovemore Matuke said: ‘I am very happy that the president had chosen to go voluntarily.’
‘This would have ended in serious embarrassment’ if the party was forced to impeach Mugabe, he said.
Genius Kadungure is known for his parties (Picture: IMP Features/Chris White)
Robert Mugabe Jr’s Batmobile (Picture: IMP Features/Chris White)
Preacher Uebert Angel shared a photo of his bedroom (Picture: IMP Features/Chris White)
Genius Kadungure posing on his car (Picture: IMP Features/Chris White)
Robert Mugabe Jr (Picture: IMP Features/Chris White)

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