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‘When Money Speaks’!! See Where The US Basketball Team Chose To Lodge For The Olympics [+Photos]

The United States Men and Woman Basket ball teams are having a swell time lodging in a luxury Silver Cloud cruise ship instead of the Olympic village.

It is true that Rio administration in light of the games has had some setbacks in logistics. However this might not be the reason for the choice of accommodation of the United States’ Team.

It appears it has always been their style to opt for a more comfortable location during Olympic games. It could be traced as far back as since 1992. They have always lived away from other athletes who come for the Olympics.

“The team stayed on a ship at the 2004 Games in Athens, then used hotels in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012.”– New York Times.

NBA stars are usually an affluent and glamorous set of people. It is more in line to say that they choose these classy treats during Olympics as an appropriate attachment to their popular personalities.

NBA personalities like Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Diana Taurasi have been spotted on the Silver Cloud cruise ship.

Silver Cloud part of the Silversea Cruises fleet, which accommodates 296 people. It has a library, 4 restaurants, a casino, pool deck, salon amongst other luxury features.

According to a female NBA champ, Angel Mccoughtry who is making a second appearance at the Olympics, living in seclusion is just about the best option for the US teams.

“The boat we’re staying on is very nice, very secluded. Lets be honest- how can our men’s and women’s teams stay in the village? They would get bombarded, especially the men’s team. They won’t have peace.”

Another reason they claim is the reason for the seclusion is the issue of security. The Silver Cloud Cruise Ship is reportedly guarded by 250 police officers and has a bulletproof glass fence.

It is worthy to mention that Olympic superstars like Usain Bolt and 22 gold medalist, Michael Phelps all stay at the Olympic village with the other athletes from all over the world.

While it is debatable if this recurring trend is doing more good or not in terms of exposure and interaction with people from other nations of the world, one thing is for certain, NBA stars sure have excellent taste.

This is where the United States’ NBA stars are lodged for the Rio Olympics:

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