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Moment Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Reframed an Impatient Presenter in an Interview

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently gave an interview to the Austrian channel ORF. During this 45-minute interview, the Russian president was forced to ask the presenter to be patient enough to talk to him in German to be heard by a media man who had obviously become deaf.

” If you keep patience and listen to the end, you will learn my point of view on this issue. Okay? “, He reminded the host at first. But the latter, who did not listen to Putin’s response to the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Donbass until the end, tried to interrupt the Russian president by seeking his position.

The impatient organizer had then formulated another question yet Vladimir Putin had not finished answering yet.

” One moment, please. Do not hurry. Let me speak, otherwise it will not be an interview, but a monologue on one side, yours, “he said.


Several questions were asked to Vladimir Putin including that on the Russian forces in Crimea in 2014 ” One moment, let me speak. You only want to ask me questions or do you want to hear my answers? “, Said the President, but the host continued to specify details.

” You interrupted me again, but if you had let me finish, you would have understood what it is. I will do it anyway , “replied Vladimir Putin.

In addition, on a question about Aleksei Navalny, the moderator pointed out that the Russian President does not pronounce his first name: ” You do not allow me to finish the sentence, you are so impatient, ” he repeated.

Finally, Vladimir Putin asked the German moderator to have the opportunity to express his thoughts. ” Be nice, let me talk, ” he said.

photo credit: Sputnik France


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