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Moment Jay-Z’s Wife, Beyonce Violently Attacked Kim Kardashian

Decidedly, the relationship between Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian still does not seem to be peaceful. This is what Jay-z’s wife has just shown in her new hit in which she collaborates with DJ Khaled.

According to several magazines people, the one called Queen B took the opportunity to openly clash Kim Kardashian. While she was performing her new hit song ” Top Off ” in a featuring with DJ Khaled, Beyoncé made some noncommittal remarks directly to Kim Kardashian even though she did not quote it openly.


In the song, Beyoncé declares in the song ” Brise Internet, Kim Kardashian”. in reference to the photo of KIm with a glass of champagne on the buttocks.

Queen B did not stop there. In another verse she adds : “My body, my ice cream, my money, are real. I am a triple threat . One way for Beyonce to proudly proclaim that she has never had recourse to cosmetic surgery and a way to attack Kim Kardashian who is accused of using it and therefore not being natural.

With this new Beyoncé Clash against Kim, we can say that war is declared between the two stars. While up front, they were very close to one another for Fashions Week. Today it seems that this time has indeed passed.


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