Mom Starves Foster Son While He Watches Daughter Eat. Then A Customer Does THIS…

Have you ever seen someone do something wrong and just had to confront them about it? Well, then you would fit right in on the ABC television series, ‘What Would You Do?’ The series stages uncomfortable and sometimes criminal situations in front of unsuspecting strangers in order to see if anyone will get involved.

Typically, users will either say something to the perpetrator or just keep on walking, remaining uninvolved. In this segment a mother takes her ‘real daughter’ and her foster son out for lunch. However, when she’s caught mistreating her foster son, will anyone get involved?

In the scene, the foster mother can be seen taking her ‘daughter’ Ava and ‘foster son’ Caleb to a restaurant. However, the way she treats them is wildly different, encouraging her daughter to order whatever her heart desires while refusing to do the same for her foster son.

It all starts when she allows her daughter to order a vanilla milkshake, the mother telling their waiter, ‘Just one,’ despite Caleb expressing that he also wants one. When Caleb asks why he can’t have one, she says, ‘She’s my real daughter so she gets things that you don’t get.’

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While the foster mother continues to mistreat her child, a nearby customer overhears the entire conversation, growing more and more alarmed as it continues. When Caleb starts to cry, she’s heard enough.

‘If you’re going to bring someone into your household, you treat them the same way you would treat your kids,’ she says, even threatening to call the police.

It’s then that they reveal to her that it’s just a segment for ‘What Would You Do?,’ the woman saying she knows people who have been fostered and that they were treated similarly. Thankfully, these are just actors and no one was mistreated here.

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  1. Obviously this must be a ‘hyper’ white liberal do-good soccer mom who desired to discipline her KneeGrow ‘ward’ ! This is my chief reason for objecting to placing any child in homes with dysfunctional people whose motive aren’t pure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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