Mom Says She Was Humiliated By A Flight Attendant For Throwing Dirty Diaper In Airplane Bathroom



A woman from Seattle in the US has complained about how a flight attendant racially attacked her and forced her to remove a dirty diaper from an airplane trash bin mid-air.

She also claims after the flight, the flight attendant told her she was being placed on a no-fly list for creating a biohazard.

According to Dr. Farah Khan,34, she was traveling from Montana to Texas with her husband and young daughter on Friday. The flight was operated and staffed by Arizona-based Mesa Airlines, a United Express Airlines’ partner.


Khan said the problem started after she changed the toddler’s diaper and disposed of the dirty one in a scented bag, which she then threw in a bathroom trash bin.

“When I came to the front, the flight attendant berated me for throwing away a poop diaper on the plane,” she said in a series of tweets.


“He said it was a ‘biohazard’ and that I should retrieve it if I can. So there I am, fishing her poop diaper out of the back bathroom.”

”For any of my friends considering flying @united, watch out, their flight attendants will curse about your children to you on the phone by finding your number after you’ve left the flight. He said “YOU people always bring your children everywhere.” Wth does that mean? #racist


The woman said she later asked a different flight attendant for an extra garbage bag so she could keep the dirty diaper with her during the rest of the trip.the

She says the second crew member told her she had done nothing wrong and should have disposed of the diaper in the bathroom.

She then went back to the first flight attendant to confront him, but he “yelled at me again and said he didn’t want to deal with me,”

That was not the end of it all.  Three hours after the flight landed in Houston, that same Mesa flight attendant called her number to tell her she’d been placed on a no-fly list, she said.

“And he cursed out me and my family,” Khan said, suggesting the man may have targeted her because of her race. She told local media on Monday that she’s a third-generation South Asian American and a Muslim.
The unidentified flight attendant allegedly went on to say, “YOU people bring your families everywhere. You should stop flying and just drive. I can hear your obnoxious baby in the background right now,” Khan wrote on Twitter.

In response, United Airlines said Khan has not been placed on a no-fly list despite the crew member’s alleged claim.

United Airlines spokeswoman Maddie King said the company was investigating the incident and its flight attendant’s actions.

“The details as described by our customer do not meet the high standards that Mesa sets for our flight attendants and we are reviewing the matter,” the company said in a statement Tuesday.


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