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Molika Stanley, Black Woman Organizing The World’s Largest Afro Diaspora Dance Experience

Dance is a form of art that many will tell you is not only a form of communication, but also a form of expression. Now one black woman is bringing dance experience to Kingston. Molika Stanley, CEO of Wan Move Diaspora, is set to host the 2018 Wan Move Dance Experience (WMDE) in Jamaica at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts. The dance experience will be held from November 25th to December 2nd 2018.

The description of the dance conference on their official site reads, “The Wan Move Diaspora Dance Conference comes to Jamaica! An 8 day artistic, cultural,  and adventure filled experience with Master Dance Classes and Lectures from the top choreographers and artistic directors in the African Diaspora Street Dance sectors. In addition to 1st class edutainment the conference features historical and recreational excursions  and nightly themed exhibitions and showcases. We provide an ALL INCLUSIVE experience: flight, visa, accommodations, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), transport, and dance training. In a grandiose addition we are offering Panels and Discussions lead by some of the brightest minds and most passionate hearts across industries.”

​The trip will also offer the opportunity to submerge in a different culture and experience Jamaica using dance as a lens. What is more interesting is that attendees will have the chance to be taught native-dance by instructors from other countries.


Reports have it that some of the dance professionals from the different countries who are scheduled to grace the conference include, “ Anthony Burrell (USA), Mestre Calango (Brasil), Danielle Polanco (USA), Norma Miller (USA), Ding Dong (Jamaica), King Charles (USA), Miriki (Australia), and Smarlin Masonry (Republica Dominicana). Dancers from all 41 countries will highlight their contributions to the art of dance and the history behind dances that made their country well known. The WMDE will also feature recreational and local community-engagement based exploration, as well as nightly theme exhibitions and showcases. Unlike most conferences, the WMDE is a convergence of vacation, cultural discovery, and entertainment.”

“I am excited to bring together a vast array of people that will learn, grow, and experience other cultures together. 41 countries uniting over the art of dance speaks to a bigger idea of unity that breaks the boundaries of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. My goal is for attendees to leave feeling as though they’ve had a transcendental experience, not only through dance but self-actualization, cultural immersion, and discovery,” Stanley said.

It has, for a long time been Stanley’s dream to unite Afro dance and present it on a global stage. And her passion and insight of the art of dace has seen her travel to over 70 countries, including 17 African nations.

The conference that will be the largest ever Afro dance experience guarantees attendees unforgettable time. Along with that the winners of the dance competitions across the globe will be crowned.

Wan Move Dance Experience has partnered with Jamaican Tourism Board to promote the Wan Move Diaspora Experience. The Minister of Youth & Culture, Hon. Oliva Grange has openly endorsed the conference in various ways.


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