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Mohamed Ali’s Daughter, Laila Ali Accidentally Hits Elderly Pedestrian with Her Car in Parking Lot

Laila Ali almost took the life of a pedestrian stopped behind her car, while she was in the parking lot of a mall in Calabasas, Los Angeles. The victim, an elderly man was seriously injured before being taken care of by the relief workers. The scene occurred on Tuesday, December 4th.

Laila Ali was interrogated by a sheriff after the accident. Mohamed Ali’s daughter hit a man severely in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Los Angeles on Tuesday, December 4th.

USA: Mohamed Ali's daughter seriously wounds a man

According to TMZ, the injured pedestrian was lying on a stretcher, surrounded by several rescuers in action. The shock that propelled her to the ground was so violent that the victim, who is an elderly man, was taken to the hospital after first aid was given on the spot.


Finally, there was more fear than harm, since the life of the victim is not in danger.

USA: Mohamed Ali's daughter seriously wounds a man

Laila Ali was born on December 30, 1977 from the union between Mohamed Ali and Veronica Porsche Anderson. Like her father, she made boxing her job, and appears as a legend in women’s boxing.

In almost 10 years of career, Laila Ali has fought 24 times. She has won 24 victories, including 21 by knockout.

USA: Mohamed Ali's daughter seriously wounds a man

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