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Model Assault: South Africa’s Justice Launches Arrest Warrant Against Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe, the former Zimbabwean first lady is officially wanted by the South African police, following an arrest warrant that was issued against her. It must be said that Grace Mugabe had already escaped justice last year after violently assaulting a model who was with her sons in a hotel in Johannesburg.

It could be recalled that in August 2017, Robert Mugabe’s wife beat young South African Gabriella Engels with an extension cord. At the time of the incident, Grace Mugabe enjoyed diplomatic immunity from the South African government. Taking advantage of this status ,  she managed to escape South African justice.


For Afriforum lobby chairman Kallie Kriel, this was just an injustice: ”  Politics played a big role,” he says. It is because she is a public figure that efforts have been made not to prosecute her and to enjoy diplomatic immunity. 

South African justice has ruled unconstitutional diplomatic immunity. This allows the police to issue this arrest warrant against the former Zimbabwean president’s wife for “serious bodily injury”. But not yet an official request for extradition. ”  She can be extradited to South Africa. But let’s see what happens,  temper him.  I think it would be in her interest to come and testify and have this case behind her. But since it does not come from itself, I’m sure there are processes to force it.  “

The spokesman for the South African police has also asked Interpol for help to allow Grace Mugabe to appear in a South African court.


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