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Mobile Telephony: Togo’s Mobile Operator, Togocel Announces its 4G for Next April

The mobile operator Togocel wants to open a new cycle on the Togolese telecom market. In an interview with a pan-African news site, its Director General, Affoh Atcha-Dédjia announced the company’s intention to launch 4G in Lomé. And this, from the end of next April.

“(…) we are preparing the launch of 4G in Lomé at the end of April. And this digital sector can boost the economy of the country, “said the director to our colleagues in Africa Today.

Mr. Atcha-Dédji ensures that the deployment of 4G is part of the strategy to provide high quality and competitive broadband internet services nationwide. For the company, the challenge is to find an economic model that will allow it to take advantage of the predictable explosion of computer data exchange.

The boss of Togocellulaire said to also be part of a vision of the executive to make Togo a digital hub over the next decades, while ensuring the availability of broadband internet throughout the territory.

In the opinion of the experts, the announcement of the director of Togocel is not a surprise to the extent that the operator has been advanced in this operationalization of 4G.


Indeed, just launched on the Togolese market, operator Téolis, which started its activities in February, already offers 4G. The opinion sees it, an “obligation” for cellular Togo to register in the same dynamics.

According to a study published by Pyramid Research, an American consulting firm specializing in telecoms and NICTs, the mobile market in Togo recorded revenues of around $ 275 million in 2013. According to its estimates, this sector should reach $ 363 million this year 2018.

The US company notes, moreover, that because of the duopoly formed by Moov and Togocel, the costs of mobile telephony – especially those of the data – are the highest among the countries of the Western Economic and Monetary Union. African (Uemoa).

At the end of 2014, a call for tenders for a third telecom operator was launched. This led to the arrival of Internet service provider Vivendi Africa Group (GVA), a subsidiary of the Vivendi group, which has positioned itself on fiber optics.

This arrival will mark, according to analysts, a new course on the Togolese telecommunications market, which is expected to grow by more than 6% over the next two years.


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