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Mnangagwa Never Canvassed to Be President, He Was God’s Gift to the Country – Oppah Muchinguri

Zanu PF national chair, Oppah Muchinguri has sang President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s praises, describing the powerful politician as a God ordained leader who never canvassed to be the country’s number one.

Speaking at a rally in Redcliff over the weekend, Muchinguri said Mnangagwa was destined to rule Zimbabwe and was sent to usher in massive opportunities for the troubled country.

“We are still a virgin country which is yet to be discovered. The country offers limitless opportunities and God was waiting for President Mnangagwa so as to unlock his blessings,” she said.

Muchingurim who is top ally to the President, said Mnangagwa’s ascendancy to the country’s most powerful job was never by the latter’s choice but God’s.

“He (Mnangagwa) didn’t campaign for the presidency. Leadership was handed down to him by God,” she said.

Muchinguri chronicled how Mnangagwa suffered humiliation at the hands of the then First Family, Grace Mugabe, his escape into short-lived exile after being fired as Vice Presidency by then State leader Robert Mugabe and his resolve to remain resolute inspite of the dramatic experiences he went through during the time.


“As a country, we refused to be ruled by a 94-year-old. After a realisation of what was important to us, we marched calling for the removal of Mugabe.

“During all that period, Mnangagwa was out of the country and we marched on our own. He didn’t campaign to be president, we didn’t vote for him. It was God and the general populace in the country who chose him as our leader,” she said of a leader who ascended to his job following a military coup against Mugabe.

Muchinguri added: “He is our Messiah. We are no longer in isolation and the prospects of our country are improving. Zimbabwe is no longer a risk country.”

She also dismissed opposition parties’ bid to rule the country.

“We have many parties and aspiring presidential candidates. They are dreaming, they will only rule this country in their dreams.

You first of all need just to look at yourself before dreaming of ruling this country,” she said.

The cabinet minister also slammed the MDC for allegedly running down councils which they dominated.


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