Mission Accomplished: Russian Military Planes Are Gradually Leaving Syria (VIDEOS)

Mission accomplished: Russian military planes are gradually leaving Syria (VIDEOS)© Facebook, @ Минобороны России.Russian military aircraft.

On December 12, a first group of Russian military aircraft left Syria. Vladimir Putin announced it during his surprise visit to the Khmeimim military base on December 11 : Russian military forces deployed in the fight against jihadists will leave the country.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that a military police battalion had joined Makhachkala town in the Republic of Dagestan (member of the Russian Federation) on two planes and published a video showing the take-off of military aircraft. under a dawn sky.


This battalion had been deployed in Syria since December 2016 and its mission was to maintain order in the areas gradually pacified. The soldiers were responsible for the security of 1,700 individuals from humanitarian personnel and local civilians.

In addition, Russian troops, transported by Beriev A-50 airborne detection and command aircraft, were greeted warmly upon arrival at the Ivanovo Severny Air Base in Russia on 12 December. The aircraft took off from the Russian air base in Hmeimim, Syria.

The Defense Minister praised the contribution of Russian air forces to the war against jihadists in Syria: “Our air force teams have successfully met their targets by hitting terrorist targets on the ground of the Syrian Arab Republic. ”

A total of 25 aircraft will soon leave Syria, taking with them members of Russian special forces, military police and engineers. They were assisting Syrian government forces in their fight against Daesh since September 2015.

On December 6, the staff of the Russian armies  declared that Syria was liberated from the Islamic State , evoking the destruction of “all the terrorist combat units associated with Daesh.”


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