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Miss Universe: Meet the 9 Beautiful African Candidates (With Photos)

Miss Universe was finally known in yesterday. However, before the announcement of the winner on December 16, our the eyes were on the details that will remain striking for each edition. Between cup, natural beauty, outfit and others lovers of this competition are impatient to approach the fateful moment.

Among the contenders for the final crown, 9 candidates are from the African continent. Women ambassadors who will undoubtedly carry the torch of the continent.

Miss Kenya: Wabaiya Kariuki

Wabaiya Kariuki,  22, has just completed her degree in Actuarial Science. She works at a start-up insurance agency called Mule Insurance Agency Limited. Apart from this, she is a model of haute couture and trade who has collaborated with several creators from East Africa and has been featured in some pan-African campaigns online.

Miss Nigeria: Lopez Aramid

Lopez Aramide , 21, holds a BA in History and Diplomatic Studies. She is a fashion lover and has a passion for singing. In his spare time, Lopez likes to cook new foods. The girl is a real ambassador for the women’s cause, her passion is to educate young women by teaching them to read. She would describe herself best as a good listener and a globally great woman. If Lopez wins the crown this year, she would like to help people around the world.

Miss South Africa: Tamaryn Green

Tamaryn Green , 24, was crowned Miss Universe South Africa 2018 on Sunday, May 27th. At the time of winning the title, she was a sixth and final year medical student at the university. She specializes in pediatrics once qualified. She has always had the passion to make a positive and progressive difference in the lives of others.

Miss Zambia: Melba Shakabozha

Melba Shakabozha, 23, is a radiologist who currently acts as an orphanage school program ambassador coaching two orphaned girls. Melba hopes that her advocacy and her title will help her to provide higher education to the children of the orphanage. After winning the Miss title, Melba took on the responsibility of caring for 82 disabled children at Home of Hope. Melba hopes to make her country proud while competing in this year’s Miss Universe international competition.

Miss Maurice: Varsha Ragoobarsing


Varsha Ragoobarsing,  28, is a future entrepreneur and founder of a non-profit organization that deals with the education of children in need. She holds a degree in Business Administration and is currently studying at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Varsha overcame dyslexia with her fighting spirit and with the support of her parents. She learned a lot from her failures, but her perseverance and determination helped her turn her failures into success.

Miss Namibia: Selma Kamanya

Selma Kamanya  is a 21-year-old third-year student currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. The Miss works as a part-time Forex trader and has been pursuing this career for three years. With her job, she intends to teach women to generate their own wealth and to improve their lives and those of their families. Selma hopes that her country will be proud of this year’s Miss Universe contest.

Miss Angola: Ana Liliana Aviao

Ana Liliana Aviao , 24, was born in Angola and grew up in the Netherlands. She is finalizing her Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management. She wants to use her diploma to become an entrepreneur in emerging markets. She is currently co-founder of a newly created NGO that aims to connect small Angolan companies seeking capital with Dutch investors in order to seize investment opportunities abroad.

Miss Egypt: Nariman Khaled

Nariman Khaled  is a 22 year old ukulele player and student in Business Information Systems. She is interested in voluntary projects and projects involving NGOs in Egypt and outside Egypt, such as India. In his spare time, Nariman hopes to make his country proud of this year’s Miss Universe contest.

Miss Ghana: Akpene Diata Hoggar

25-year-old Akpene Diata Hoggar is a model, blogger and entrepreneur in management information technology at Ashesi University. She is from Tefle but was born and raised in Akatsi, both in the Volta region of Ghana. Akpene is fluent in English, ewi and a beginner in Twi, Gonja and French. While volunteering for teaching and mentoring programs, her passion for service leadership and creating a social impact was born. She firmly believes that women and youth are drivers of economic development.

This December 16, they will seek to shine the continent as did in 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa and Leila Lopes (Angola) in 2011.


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