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Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz Asks George Floyd Protesters To Get Tested For Coronavirus

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz is asking everyone who has protested the death of George Floyd to get tested for Coronavirus.

Since the brutal killing of Floyd by a Minneapolis white police officer who forcefully knelt on his neck during his arrest last week,  there have been a series of protests nationwide despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Gov. Walz has now raised concern over their safety, and he is asking all those who have protested the death of George Floyd to be checked for coronavirus.

“Anyone who demonstrated should receive a test for Covid-19,” Walz tweeted Thursday night.


Walz included information in his tweet from the Minnesota Department of Health on how people in that state can arrange for a test.


“If you think you’ve been exposed, get a test five days after the event,” Walz wrote. “If that test turns up negative, get tested again 14 days after the event.”





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