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Millions Of Kenyans Cry Out After Realizing Their Identities Have Been Sold To Political Parties!!

Millions of Kenyans have reacted with shock after realizing that they have been registered as members of the various political parties in the country without their consent.

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They shared screen shots of their ‘membership’ on Facebook expressing dismay of how callous political parties and politicians can be in their quest to rise to power.

According to, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee party seem to be the greatest culprit here with a majority of the people saying they have been listed as members of the party without their knowledge.

One can only be a member of one political party at a time in Kenyan thus can only be allowed to participate in the nominations of that party only.

Whereas one has a right to belong to any party, it is unlawful to steal someones’s personal details and register them without their knowledge.

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