Military Powers In Africa: New 2017 Ranking According to Global Fire Power Index

This ranking by the Global Power Index 2017, which ranks the military strength of the country’s armed forces, was made public a few days ago. Established annually by Global Fire Power, an American site specializing in defense issues, this year, this index shows the military power of 133 countries in the world, including 33 countries in Africa.

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Establishing such a Global Fire Power ranking has taken into account several factors, including up to 50 criteria, allowing both smaller and more technologically advanced nations to compete with one or more less developed. The US media was not only based on the total number of weapons available for a single country, but rather on the diversity of weapons in the total number to provide a better balance of available firepower, reports agencyecofin.

Moreover, nuclear stocks are not taken into account, even if their existence or a presumption on the issue provides a certain bonus in the assessment of military power.

Thus in 2017, Egypt, which recently inaugurated the largest military base in Africa, continues to rank first among the African military powers. Followed, as in the previous ranking, respectively of Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola and Morocco.


At the global level, it is not surprising that the United States (1 st ), Russia (2 nd ), China (3 rd ) and India (4 th ) are the major military powers of the world.

Ranking of African military powers in 2017:

  1. Egypt (10 th worldwide)
  2. Algeria (25 th worldwide)
  3. Ethiopia (41 th world)
  4. Nigeria (43 rd world)
  5. South Africa (46 th worldwide)
  6. Angola (51 th world)
  7. Morocco (54 th world)
  8. Sudan (71 th world)
  9. Libya (73 rd world)
  10. Democratic Republic of Congo (76 th World)
  11. Kenya (77 th world)
  12. Tunisia (78 th world)
  13. Zimbabwe (81 th world)
  14. Zambia (85 th worldwide)
  15. Chad (88 th world)
  16. Uganda (92 nd world)
  17. Tanzania (96 th world)
  18. South Sudan (99 th world)
  19. Ghana (101 th world)
  20. Botswana (107 th world)
  21. Mozambique (109 th worldwide)
  22. Cameroon (111 th worldwide)
  23. Niger (114 th worldwide)
  24. Côte d’Ivoire (116 th worldwide)
  25. Mali (117 th worldwide)
  26. Congo (118 th worldwide)
  27. Madagascar (119 th worldwide)
  28. Gabon (120 th worldwide)
  29. Namibia (127 th worldwide)
  30. Somalia (128 th worldwide)
  31. Central African Republic (129 th worldwide)
  32. Mauritania (130 th world)
  33. Sierra Leone (131 th world).

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