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Mike Tyson Threatens to Beat US-based Ghanaian Comedian Michael Blackson for Disrespecting His Daughter

Boxing legend, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, has issued out a stern warning to US-based Ghanaian comedian Michael Blackson for disrespecting his daughter.

A report went viral during the week that Tyson is ready to offer any man $10 million to marry his daughter.

However, Blackson after seeing the report expressed his interest in a stunning message.

Mike Tyson threatens to beat Michael Blackson for disrespecting her daughter

Mike Tyson threatens to beat Michael Blackson for disrespecting her daughter
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Where she at? I’ll tear her a** up,” Blackson commented on his post of a screenshot of the article. He added, “[I’ll] then go shopping plus she’s kinda cute.”

Blackson wasn’t done… he followed up by asking Tyson, “If this is true, I think I’m finally ready to settle down. I known I’ve been dipping n dapping a few snow bunnies and Asian persuasion but I’m ready for your beautiful queen.”


He continued, “I’m ready to give u some grand kids that will have the complexion of Tyson Bedford, knowledge pf Cicely Tyson, talk like you Mike Tyson and hopefully not built like Tyson Fury. I really don’t give a f**k about the money but I’ll take it. Waiting to hear from you father in law sir.”

Blackson’s statement got Tyson angry as he threatened to beat up the renowned comedian.

“Listen u black little b***h, this s**t ain’t real and soon as I find the person that started that meme, imma knock hem the f**k out so make sure it ain’t you burnt roach looking b***h.”

The former world champ added, “My daughter is happily in a relationship with a nice looking man so she’s not interested in an overcooked hotdog like you. Next time you do my podcast, imma knock the black off u, it might take a year because you black as f**k.”

He concluded by threatening to get Blackson kicked out of the country, “Gtfo my dm before I get your black a** deported you geico lizard looking b***h.”

Meanwhile, Kumawood actress Sandra Sarfo Ababio has waded into the fight between Funny Face and Lil Win.

Sandra has shared a video blasting Funny Face for acting childish in his rift with Lil Win.


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