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Migration: At Least 1.20 Million Moroccans Live in France

About 1.20 million Moroccans live in France, according to statistics reported in a Moroccan media and relayed by the African News Agency.

The migration movement of Moroccans has undergone major changes, according to the newspaper. In fact, in 1974, this economic migration now accounts for only 10% of the structure of Moroccan migrants in France.

The family reunion movement emerged a year later and lasted until 1984. This period was marked by the arrival of 147,932 Moroccan wives and their children in France. More than half of Moroccans residing in France are women (52%).

In addition, French statistics show that 3,879 Moroccan women with a higher degree have chosen to stay in France. There is also a strong migration of students. 38,000 Moroccans have been able to have French nationality in recent years.

It should be noted that Moroccans have returned to several European countries. In Germany, there are 180,000 Moroccans whose age is between 20 and 45 years old with an average of 3 children per family.

Statistics also show that 22% of Moroccans in Germany have a basic education degree.

Moreover, their migration to Spain is recent compared to other European countries. 880,000, or 15% of the total number of foreign communities residing there. In 2018, 220,000 Moroccans were granted citizenship against 11,000 in 1990.

Belgium hosts 700,000 Moroccans including 460,000 naturalized. 20% of young Moroccans have a higher degree while 36% in Belgium.

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