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Migrants Sold At Auction In Libya (Video)

CNN obtained images of a migrant auction in Libya. After their journey, the latter often end up becoming slaves for their smugglers.
“A great man strong for farm work,” says a salesman in the exclusive images broadcast by CNN. The scene takes place in Libya, in an unknown place, located near the capital Tripoli. One can see men waiting, in single file, to be sold for a few hundred euros to buyers gathered on site.

In his report, directed by international correspondent Nima Elbagir, producer Raja Razek and photojournalist Alex Platt, the American channel reveals that many migrants, passing through Libya, end up being treated as mere merchandise.

During their investigation, the journalists collected numerous testimonies of migrants who confirm the existence of these auctioning of human beings. “Of course I was sold here. Look at us, most of us have been beaten, mutilated, “says one of them.


“There are rumors but nothing concrete happens in front of us,” said one of the managers of the detention center of migrants.

The images have been handed over to the Libyan authorities, who will launch an investigation on the subject.

Watch CNN’s report in full:


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