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Migrants Close To Death After Being Discovered Squeezed Into Dashboard And Under Car Seat

Two migrants were discovered close to suffocation hidden in the dashboard of a car in a desperate attempt to cross into Spain from North Africa, Morocco.

Spain’s National Police claimed the two migrants – a male and a female – were suffering from asphyxiation after they were found squeezed into two tiny compartments of the Volkswagen Golf.

One was hidden underneath the car seat, while the second was found squashed into a secret compartment behind the dashboard.

According to officers, the car was stopped as it tried to cross the border into Spain’s north African enclave of Ceuta on Friday night.


Migrant under car seat

POLICIA NACIONAL A young man was cut out o the rear car seats

Migrant in dashboard

POLICIA NACIONAL A woman was also found when police opened the glove box

And when the driver was asked to show his documentation at the Tarsal border crossing, officials noted he appeared nervous – and they decided to carry out a search of the vehicle.

Although it initially seemed clear, on closer inspection officers noticed the cars displayed signs it had been customised – with clear changes to the dashboard area and the car seats.


And when the authorities opened the glove compartment, they discovered a woman hidden inside and close to fainting.

Moments later, a young man was discovered after officers pulled away the rear seats of the car.

The driver, a 36-year-old man from Cueta, has been arrested and now faces charges of human trafficking.

Migrant found in suitcaseEPA

One migrant was found trying to enter Cueta in a suitcase

Migrant found in boot of carEPA

People smugglers are finding new ways of trafficking victims

The two migrants have also been taken into custody.

The arrests are just the latest in a string of bizarre attempts to cross into Spain from North Africa.

People have been found inside several hidden compartments within cars – and some even travelling in cramped suitcases to ensure they make the treacherous journey undiscovered.


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