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Microsoft 4Afrika Launches First AppFactory in Mauritius

The first AppFactory in Mauritius has been launched by Microsoft and Ceridian. The AppFactory was launched in order to provide a space for ICT graduates and developers to build software applications, gain hands-on experience and grow their business skills.

In all of Africa, there are a total of 11 Microsoft AppFactories including the most recent one launched in Mauritius, with others in South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana and Malawi.

The Ceridian AppFactory will have a strong focus on helping SMEs in their digital transformation, with interns tasked with creating and introducing digital solutions for SMEs, such as data analytics, chat bots and digital marketing strategies.

“There are thousands of ICT graduates who lack the experience to find a high-paying job or start their own business. This is creating a major skills gap, especially as technology evolves and businesses are increasingly looking to digitally transform,” said Vidia Mooneegan, managing director of Ceridian.

“As Mauritius transitions to an upper income economy, the demand for digital skills is increasing. The AppFactory offers a solution to this, by investing in young talent, bridging the skills gap and building the entrepreneurship ecosystem.”


AppFactory interns will spend up to three months working at the AppFactory with senior software engineers on real-world projects. The programme will task interns with creating digital solutions that address needs in different local sectors, including Education, Government Services, Healthcare, Tourism, Fintech and Environment.

“Since Microsoft started operating in Mauritius 20 years ago, we have been working to help strengthen the digital economy in the country”, said Laurence Janssens, country manager of Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands.

“Through our partner network, we have invested in skills development and formed strategic partnerships within the education sector. The AppFactory complements our drive towards digital transformation in education.”

The new AppFactory will give developers in Mauritius the skills and experience to build their careers as software artisans. It will also provide the ideal platform for developers to build a portfolio of innovative projects that respond to the technology needs of SMEs and key sectors. This aligns directly to our mission to empower businesses and industries to achieve more through digital transformation,” he added.

At the end of each internship, graduates will be able to fully design, implement and deploy cloud-enabled, mobile and IT solutions.

Over 300 developers have graduated from the Africa AppFactory network to date, with 90 per cent of these graduates finding full-time employment after their internship.



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