Microsoft 4Afrika Launches AppFactory Academy in Ethiopia

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IT graduates and related computing discipline graduates at Ethiopia’s Wollo University will be able to access a six-month internship, where they will work on real-world software development projects with senior software engineers.

It follows the launch by the Center for Global Health Equity (CGHE), and Microsoft 4Afrika of a new AppFactory Academy in Ethiopia.

Microsoft 4Afrika said on completion of the internship graduates will be able to design, implement and deploy cloud-enabled, mobile and IT solutions in various sectors.


They will also be equipped with critical business skills helping them to secure jobs or create their own businesses.

This is the ninth Microsoft AppFactory to be launched in Africa, with eight others in South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda and, recently, Ghana.

To date, over 300 software system developers have graduated from the AppFactories, with 90% of these graduates having since been placed in jobs.

Wollo University will host the new AppFactory at its institution of technology campus, the Kombolcha Institute of Technology (KIoT).

Each year, it will set projects based on different sectors, from healthcare to education, agriculture, air transportation and others.


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