Michelle Obama Surprised Fans Recorded Her Farewell Messages!!

The First Lady was keen to thank them in person. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon , whose guest star was Michelle Obama, the First Lady, who will leave the White House on January 20, Surprised by the Americans who recorded her farewell messages.

Touching Messages

Accustomed to this show, for which she has often given of her person by participating in her dancing sequences , Michelle Obama is this time directly went to greet and thank her admirers.

While they recorded her touching messages in front of a portrait, thanking her for “giving them self-confidence” and for being a “source of inspiration”, thanks to her personality and her commitments, the First Lady Surprised them as they emerged from behind a curtain.


“Through you I know that my skin color does not define who I am or what I can accomplish. For years you have shown our nation that with dignity, compassion and respect, “It is possible to overcome all the difficulties. Thank you for inspiring all Americans, including me, to continue raising us, even when the challenges of life overwhelm us,” says an African American girl. Doubt that the recipient of his message is close to her.


Tears and emotion

Because behind the scenes, Michelle Obama does not miss a crumb. It is the moment chosen by the First Lady to make her appearance, resulting in the immense surprise of the girl, who can not help but burst into tears, while the First Lady takes her in her arms to thank her to his turn. “It was so beautiful,” said Michelle Obama.

The scenario thus repeats itself for the other five Americans addressing their personal message to the First Lady, who falls into their arms in turn. A father of the family thanks her for his fight against obesity, specifying that thanks to her, her daughter agreed to taste the vegetables of the salad bar of the canteen. “Thank you for having managed to make my daughter eat vegetables,” he says.


On Tuesday evening, Barack Obama, very moved, gave his last speech as President of the United States , from Chicago. The Democratic president will hand over the keys to the White House to Donald Trump on 20 January. Asked by Jimmy Fallon about her future, Michelle Obama assured that she would continue her commitment to obesity “until the end of her life”.

“I did not engage in these causes because I became First Lady, but because they meant something to me: the health of our children, education,” she explained. Before launching: “I’m not finished, I’m too young.”


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