Michelle Obama Named 2019’s ‘Most Admired Woman’ Beating Current First Lady Melania Trump For Two Years

Michelle Obama has been receiving a lot of recognition and praise in recent times. Even after her stay inside the White House as the First Lady of the United States, many individuals across the globe still admire her for her character, efforts, and achievements.

Just recently, Gallup released its poll for 2019’s Most Admired Woman and Man in the world. Since 1948, the firm has been asking the thoughts and opinions of the Americans towards the personalities whom they admired the most.

Based on the results, the former President and First Lady, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, again, made it to the top of the lists, beating the current officeholders, Donald Trump and Melania Trump.

According to Independent UK, the Becoming memoir author had over 5 percent of additional ratings more than the current First Lady of the United States, which placed her at the top of Gallup‘s poll. For two consecutive years now, Michelle Obama has been deemed to be the most admired woman in the world.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump placed in on the second spot. Some of the women who made it into the top ten include Hilary Clinton, Greta Thunberg, and Ophrah Winfrey.

It is also worth noting that, while many people considered that Barack Obama has beaten Donald Trump for the title, the 2019’s list for the Most Admired Man in the world had them tied for the top spot. Even so, the former President has been holding the title for 12 consecutive years now.

Other reports added that many fans and supporters of various parties shared their thoughts on social media upon seeing the results. It was revealed that a commotion has emerged among the fans of the two First Ladies.

As claimed, avid followers of Melania Trump “criticized” Michelle Obama for having the title in 2019. This because they believe that Donald Trump’s wife is much more suitable for the said recognition than the former First Lady.

It was even shared by the fans that Melania has a much higher IQ and did so much more work than Michelle. However, and as expected, supporters of the Obama administration, as well as the fans of Michelle Obama, defended her and claimed that no one can beat her for the title.

Although it may be true that Melania has a much higher IQ level, the netizens emphasized how the First Lady “plagiarized” Michelle’s speech in previous years. Some even questioned Melania’s position in the list as to why she is included, not to mention, even her ability to hold a position inside the White House.

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