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Michael Jackson’s Thriller Girlfriend Looks Unrecognisable in New Photos 37 Years Later

Ola Ray, Michael Jackson’s girlfriend from the Thriller short movie music video, looks completely different 37 years after the iconic flick was released.


Ola, now 60, appeared as MJ’s girlfriend in the 1983 music video before going on to appear in a number of television shows and movies.


Thriller wasn’t her first public appearance though, as she was crowned Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in the June 1980 issue.




After Thriller, Ola appeared in movies such as Fear City, The Night Stalker and even played a Playboy Playmate in Beverly Hills Cop II.


Her most recent screen appearance was as Helen in the 2020 film Shooting Heroin.


Over the weekend she celebrated Joe Biden’s projected US Presidential win by sharing a selfie with VP Kamala Harris.



Her recent photos show her looking unrecognizable but still beautiful.



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  1. I guess Joe Biden and Khamala have found the cure for Covid. They have been in mass pics with people with no mask. I guess when the real election numbers coming in during litigation by Trump and they lose. Then they will go back to blaming Trump for the mass spread that the U.S. is in now. Media cannot make Biden the winner in a Dem fraud ravaged election. But now they will be drained in the swamp as Trump and Republicans clean up this scam election. Joe Biden has no other choice but to win this election. Because if he does not, he knows him and his son, brothers will face criminal charges and have no cover for his crimes, with the Ukraine, Russian, and China. And it will bring down others in the Dem party. This is why they are desperate to steal the President’s Office. It is just a matter of time for Biden to fall.

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