Michael Jackson’s Nephew Granted Guardianship of Blanket Until He’s An Adult

Michael Jackson’s nephew has been granted guardianship of his teenage son, Blanket, until he is an adult.

TJ Jackson will now solely look after Blanket, who is now known as Prince Michael, after he had previously shared the duties.

Blanket had been under the guardianship as his biological mother ‘has no relationship’ with him and now TJ will be in charge of the teenager’s welfare until he turns 18 in February 2020.

The agreement will automatically end when Blanket turns 18 or “is adopted, marries, becomes emancipated by a court order, enters into active military duty, or dies”.

TJ had previously shared the guardianship with Blanket’s grandmother, Katherine Jackson.


TJ now has “full legal and physical custody” of Blanket which, under the “fundamental responsibilities” of the agreement, means: “The guardian of the person of a child has the care, custody, and control of the child.

“As guardian, you are responsible for providing for food, clothing, shelter, education, and all the medical and dental needs of the child.

“You must provide for the safety, protection, and physical and emotional growth of the child.”

The guardianship means that the child’s parents can no longer make any decisions for the child, though Michael died in 2009 and Blanket’s biological mother has not been in the picture since he was a baby.


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