Michael Jackson: This is Why The Late King of Pop Was So Addicted to Cosmetic Surgery

Michael Jackson’s life especially his childhood was not a quiet river. Apart from the small pikes his father regularly made on his nose, he was also very much influenced by his older sister La Toya Jackson. The latter was very addicted to cosmetic surgery.

After spending some time with his big sister La Toya Jackson, Michael also develops this passion for cosmetic surgery as his older sister who decided a few times before resorting to cosmetic surgery to refine certain features of his face.

Michael Jackson having heard his father during his childhood treat him as “big nose”  immediately followed the example of his sister who already wanted to do a second surgery for breasts. From that moment, Michael Jackson becomes addicted to cosmetic surgery.

He develops a pathology related to the dissatisfaction of the esthetics of his body: ”  He had with the plastic surgery a completely neurotic report . As if he wanted to erase any trace of physical resemblance with his father, Joe Jackson. », Says Benoît Cachin

In 2003, a journalist from ITV questioned the King of Pop about his childhood. Michael Jackson had revealed in a voice broken by emotion, the family hell that was his. ”  I see ourselves still go to the studios of the Motown, Los Angeles. I could hear children playing baseball or basketball. I also wanted to have fun but I did not have the right, I had to work on a new album. I was sad, I hid to cry … I knew I was going to find my father at the rehearsal, a belt in his hand . My brothers and I were very anxious that if he was angry, he would hit us, throw us against the walls. He terrified us to the point of vomiting fright. His sight and presence sometimes caused me to faint. I feel about a deep hatred  “

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