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Michael Jackson Assassinated? A Friend Of The King Of Pop Allegedly Makes New Revelations!!

“They’re trying to assassinate me … I’m afraid for my life,” Jackson told him.

Nearly eight years later, the death of Michael Jackson is still attracting interest! A passion revived by a friend of the late king of pop, author of surprising revelations. Michael Jackson would have sent him several letters and would have called him shortly before his death, informing him of a hypothetical plot aimed at his person …

Michael Jacobshagen was a friend of Michael Jackson and has already made several interviews about his relationship with the missing superstar. His latest release was aired on Sunday, May 7th on Sunday Night , aired in Australia. The 34-year-old German has revealed the existence of thirteen letters that Michael Jackson would have addressed to him. In these notes, the singer would have written: ”  They are trying to assassinate me  ” and ”  I’m afraid for my life .”

According to Michael Jacobshagen, Michael Jackson would also have made a call from Las Vegas. In tears, the superstar artist would have asked his friend residing in Germany to join him in the United States. At the time, Michael Jackson was preparing his tour series of This Is It at the O2 Arena in London.

Michael Jacobshagen’s remarks reinforce the myth of a deadly plot that Michael Jackson would have been the victim of. His daughter, Paris Jackson, shares the same opinion: the young woman of 19 recently expressed her conviction that her father was the target of a murder.

The death of Michael Jackson is the subject of several urban legends as to the perpetrators of this suspected murder.

The artist died on June 25, 2009 at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, of an overdose of drugs. He is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, in the town of Glendale.


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