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Michael Angelo, The 10-Year-old Mauritian Who Can Identify All The Parts Of The Head And The brain

Michael Angelo is a 10 year old boy from Mauritius. Thanks to his extraordinary intelligence, he won the hearts of Mauritians after his appearance this Friday on the television news of the Mauritius Broadcasting Cooperation. Since then, the video of Michael Angelo Mootoo has been viewed and shared thousands of times on social networks.

Her mother Noelette François explains that as soon as her son came to the world, she saw signs of him showing that he was different from ordinary children. She tells that at three weeks, her son Michael Angelo Mootoo already called her mom. At two months, he began to sit down. He walked at seven months. At eight months, he was already speaking clearly. He did not do the usual chirping like all infants.

For Noelette François, Michael Angelo is gifted. Mom adds that her son started writing around 18 months old. ” I wanted to enroll him in school before he was 2 years old, but it was only after he was able to join the school.”  The teachers soon realized that he was “different”. ” The teacher told me that I had to do my best to protect my child because he was not ordinary.”

Subject to a small verification test, the child’s mother begins to ask him questions. Who discovered Maurice? ” Pedro Mascarenhas “, throws the little one. Mahé de Labourdonnais, he says, was a great French governor who had arrived in Mauritius in 1735 and developed sugar cane.


Then a question is asked trap: what was Maurice called formerly, asks Noelette François,  “It depends on the period,” he  replies. Before mentioning several names, all accurate.

One could believe that he gleaned the answers on the Internet, why not … Impossible , says Noelette François. which specifies that at her there is no Internet. ” I do not have a technology tool at home. No WiFi. “

At this point, Angelo spends most of his time reading medical books. Already, he knows almost all the parts of the head and the brain: the cerebellum, the parietal lobe, the occipital bone, the parietal, temporal bones …

“First there is the tympanum that returns the sound to the hammer, the latter taps the anvil that then taps the stirrup which in turn taps the snail, which sends the sound to the semicircular canals then to the Eustachian horn , “says the boy.

Michael Angelo wants to find a cure for cancer. He also dreams of becoming an astrophysicist.


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