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Mexico: For Failing to Keep Campaign Promises, This Mayor Was Forced to March in Women’s Clothes as Punishment [VIDEO]

Politicians always make promises during election campaigns that they can not hold, but voters almost never hold them accountable for lies.

Well, the people of a small Mexican town recently decided to give a lesson to their mayor because he did not keep his election promises. They paraded through the city in women’s clothing for four consecutive days.

Javier Sebastián Jiménez Jiménez Santiz won the Huixtán Town Hall race on the promise of improving the local water system, but did not live up to the expectations of his constituents.

At the end of last month, after having had enough of his excuses and promises, residents of the region rushed into the mayor’s office and dressed Santiz and his city councilor Luis Ton with women’s clothes. Mayor Santiz was wearing a long black skirt and a white blouse while his counselor wore a long pink dress

The two leaders marched in Huixtán for four days in front of crowds of people holding placards denouncing their failures.

And as if it was not humiliating enough to have to wear women’s dresses in public, the two local officials were forced to stop the motorists and beg them to donate for the projects they had committed to carry out during their campaign.


In an interview with local journalists, Mr. Santiz explained that he intended to respect his election promises, but that he could not do so because the necessary funds, 3 million pesos ( approximately $ 158,000), had been reallocated to other municipalities.

The residents of Huixtán are demanding an investigation into whether the mayor has stolen the funds he claims have been reallocated to other municipalities.

The public humiliation of local officials is common in Central and South America. Last year, the residents of Chichiquila took their mayor hostage and demanded a ransom for his release, after he also failed to keep his election promises.



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