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Merengue, Phocaeans, Blaugrana, Discover the Origins of the Nicknames of these Football Teams

Who has already attended a match of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus Turin without hearing respectively the nicknames Merengue, Blaugrana or Old Lady? Do you know how these nicknames were attributed to your favorite teams?

Discover the origin of the nicknames of 10 football clubs.

The Merengue (Real Madrid)

The nickname “Merengue” by which we often refer to Real Madrid players refers to the color of the meringue dessert, called “merengue” in Spanish, whose color is white as the club jersey. This name is made popular by a journalist named Matías Prats.

The Blaugrana (FC Barcelona)

FC Barcelona was created in 1899 under the leadership of a Swiss businessman named Hans Gamper. Fervent supporter of FC Basel, Hans Gamper awarded FC Barcelona the colors of the Swiss club: Blue and Garnet, hence the nickname “blaugrana” given to the player of the club.

The Colchoneros (Atlético Madrid)

The mattresses were red and white in the early twentieth century. This is where the nickname “Colchoneros” is derived from the players of Atlético Madrid. Colchoneros is the equivalent of “matelassiers” in French.

The Yellow Submarine (Villarreal)

In 1966 the title “Yellow Submarine” of the Beatles is taken over by a Spanish group in Spanish. The success of this recovery is such that this title was awarded to Villaréal players, who, all in all, enjoyed it!

The Gunners (Arsenal)

The Arsenal club was created by Scottish workers from an armaments factory called Arsenal itself. The name Gunners which means gunners in French, is thus attributed to the players of the team.


The Red Devils (Manchester United)

“The Red Devils” is a nickname attributed to Manchester United players by the coah of then, Matt Busy in the 60s. Originally, this name referred to players Salford, an English club rugby 13. In toured in France to popularize the sport, Salford players were nicknamed “The Red Devils” by the French during all their meetings.

The Spurs (Tottenham)

When Tottenham was created in 1882, the founders wanted to instill in the club the values ​​of bravery and courage in memory of “Harry Hotspur”, a brave and brave character in a Shakespeare play. They nicknamed the club “The Spurs” (épons), and derived from “Hotspur”. You now understand the Tottenham emblem made up of a fighter cock with spurs.Publicit

The Old Lady (Juventus)

Juventus means “youth”. Where does the nickname “Old Lady” come from? This name is given to the club because of its longevity. Juventus created in 1897 is the 4th oldest club in Italy

The Phocéens (Olympique de Marseille)

They are sailors from the Greek city of “Phocée” who created the port of Marseille – 600 years before Christ. Since then, the city of Marseille is called “Cité Phocéenne”. A name finally attributed to the players of Olympique de Marseille.

Les Gones (Olympique Lyonnais)

In Lyon patois, a Gone is a kid from the city of Lyon. This name is attributed naturally to the players of the Olympique Lyonnais.


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