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Men Only: See The 8 Things That Draw Women Close To You

Some men always seem to naturally attract women. It is not always about the looks. Women are more complicated than that.

A happy African American man and woman couple in their thirties sitting at home together cuddling & laughing.

If you want to be one of those guys that always seem to have the ladies swarming around him, then you should possess the following traits.
1. Sense of humour: Women naturally gravitate towards men who make them laugh. They want to have a good time and a man with a sense of humour can provide that.

2. Assertiveness: Women are not attracted to someone who finds it difficult to stand up for himself or
make decisions and sticks with it, They want someone they rock solid to depend on, not someone who sways with the wind.

3. Respect: It not just about being respectful to her. It is also about being respective to everyone around you. Respect is a very attractive trait.


4. Challenge: Women also like the chase. So, don’t be willing to completely lay all your affection on the table. If you are an easy guy, she would not feel lucky to have you. This does not mean you should blow her off because you like her. It only means you should avoid being overeager. Make her work for your attention.

5. Hygiene: Please maintain a good hygiene if you want to be the guy women love to be around. It is extremely important. She would be uncomfortable around you if you don’t look or smell good.

6. Passion: Passionate men are s3xy. Being passionate about something will make women want to be around you. It could be football, politics or whatever, but once you talk with passion on a topic, she will certainly enjoy your company.

7. Confidence: A confident man is an attractive man. It is a very important trait for attracting most women. It tells a woman that you are sure of yourself and you are secured in your masculinity.

8. Laid back: Women are unlikely to hang around uptight men. She wants to feel relaxed around you, not stressed. So chill on being overly critical or controlling. Be laid back, fun and down to earth.


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