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“Why Men Must Have Multiple Women” – Akon

43-year-old singer, rapper Akon says it’s natural for men to breed with multiple women. In a recent interview on Hollywood Today Live the businessman and philanthropist explained why he believes most men find it impossible to settle down with one woman.

He says:

Just think of life. Why is it that every woman in the world is going through the same problem with a man? Just think about it. It’s not a science, it’s not a coincidence, it’s who we are. I always believed that if women took the time to understand men, you literally would run the world.


Akon adds:

The only reason we’re more dominant is because we know more about women then women know about men. Think about it, we’re out numbered 15 to 1. They’re clearly smarter than we are and you execute a lot quicker – faster than we do so …We create rules, without taking nature into account.

Akon also discusses his Akon Lighting Africa project, along with receiving the 2016 Global Good Award.


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  1. Well said, its only natural and every person with natural instincts should know that men can have more wives, infact it is sinful for a man to have one wife, because the consequences are prostitution. Given the game of numbers, every group of figures should balance, and in the case of men and women, Prostitution does not make numbers to balance, but marriage does, and definitely, I don’t know who disagrees with me that every woman needs a descent marriage descent family, and if there is a woman out there who thinks she gona find a man all for herself, that woman should surely find some clay some where and make her own. This literally means that’s not possible. All the man with one wife are the once breeding prostitution, isn’t that worse ???????

  2. “Men outnumber women by 15:1” is a laughable lie. The truth is overally the world has more men than women. The sex ratio is 1.01 which means for every 101males there are 100 females overally in the world. There are some countries where women are much less than men because female babies are aborted. For those above 15yrs, those who will consider marrying the sex ratio is almost 1:1 (probably 0.98) which means for every 102 marriageable women there are 98 men. In other words for every 98men, 94 should have one wife and only 4 can possibly have 2 wives. This is mathematically speaking if we assume everyone gets married above 15yrs

  3. That’s why Africa is so underdeveloped…. because if men stuck to the 1 family unit and did not have children all over the place like animals do, then there would not be so much poverty. European men don’t need more than 1 woman. One family is hard to keep,,,, and they spend their time thinking of how to better themselves to get more money, whilst the African man thinks what is the new woman he can bed and maybe spread his seed. Who takes care of those children you breed which these lovely men breed with? I bet you’ve left a few of your seeds swimming around in Africa before you became rich. Shameless…

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