MEN: How To Tell If Your Partner Is A Gold Digger

Most men often worry that their partners are just with them for material gain, and this is not so far-fetched considering that a lot of women have the reputation of going after men with means.

Although there is nothing wrong with having some kind of standards when it comes to choosing a mate, but if the person is with you solely because of what you have, then this can pose a lot of problems. Everyone deserves to be with someone who loves them and wants them for who they are.

So, can you spot the frauds? See below some simple ways to find out if she is with you just for what you can offer her.

  1. She Only Calls When She Needs Something: A woman in love always wants to be around her man and speak to him as often as possible. But if she only pays you attention or hang out with you when she needs something or when she is promised something in return, then perhaps she does not truly care for you.
  2. She Is Not Interested In Getting To Know You: Dating someone is giving you both an opportunity to get to know each other. A woman, who is not interested in getting to know you deeply, wanting to know your likes/dislikes, what you are pa$$ionate about, is obviously hoping for some kind of payment for her time.
  3. Does Not Remember Details About You: Why bother memorising things someone tells you if you really do not care. If your woman keeps forgetting little bit of details about your life, like your occupation, where you are from, etc, it means she does not consider all these information worth storing. She might just be with you for some other reasons.
  4. Acts Up When She Does Not Get What She Wants: One good way to make sure you are not being used is to try to deny a few requests from your partner every now and then. If you do this and she acts up, or reacts horribly, then she has shown you where her pa$$ion lies. A woman, who loves you would understand why you might not be able to provide for her at particular times.
  5. Makes No Sacrifices: If you notice that your woman has actually never done anything simply to make you happy, then she is obviously in the relationship for some other kind of gain.
  6. Avoids Friends and Family: A lot of gold diggers usually avoid spending time with your friends and family since they do not consider impressing them a priority. Also, she could be worried that someone from your family or one of your friends might recognise her for what she is.

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