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Men Beware: See What Medicine Says About Putting Cellphones In Your Pocket

A Pathologist, Prof. Ganiyu Arinola, has prompted men against placing cellphone in their pants pockets since it could be linked to low sperm count in too many ways, saying it might cause male fruitlessness.

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“This calls for extraordinary concentration, considering the way that fruitlessness has influenced couples these days.

“It is deserving of note that almost 50% of these rates have been connected to male fruitlessness.

“Different elements incorporate introduction to certain ecological contaminations, way of life, occupation and diseases of the urinary genital tract which have been connected to male fruitlessness.


“Placing cellphone in the pockets or tightening a belt has been proposed to be the reason for barrenness, particularly in the guys,” he said.


According to him, opinions differ as to the possible mechanism by which cellphones radiation may produce these changes within the short-time of putting it in the male pockets.

Arinola added: “Radiation from cellphones is said to affect sperm structure, mobility/movement, vitality or being alive for expected length of time.

“But, it is known that millions of sperm cells are released during mating and only one sperm is needed to fertilise the female egg.

“The likelihood is that all the sperms may not be damaged at the same time, but within the short-time of putting cell-phones in the pocket.



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