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“Men Are Allowed To Hit Women In Certain Situations,” Says Whoopi Goldberg

Hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg is of the opinion that men are allowed to hit women but under certain conditions.

She made this statement on her “The View” show, talking to her co-presenter about a man who beat a woman after she hit him first.

Whoopi Goldberg


Whoopi said during the show, ”  If you hit someone, you can not be sure you will not have a reaction . 

His colleague on the board of course tried not to agree, but Whoopi was adamant in citing the example of a little boy who was asked never to hit women, but his little sister was hitting all the time.

”  You have to teach women not to get their hands on anyone. “

She added, ”  I know I’m going to get into trouble and I do not care. You have to teach women, not to live with the idea that men still have that chivalry thing in them. it’s always at stake. So do not be surprised if you hit a man first and he reacts in turn with violence, I’m sorry, if you hit someone, they’ll hit you too, do not be surprise.

What do you think of his statement? Is it normal for a man to kick back a woman after receiving a blow from it?


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