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MEN: The 6 Features That Momentarily Attract Men to Women

Genetically, all people are programmed to reproduce. But before that man and woman have to meet and start relationships. And to start relationships they need to like each other. Both men and the women subconsciously evaluate a potential partner and note whether they are attracted or not attracted.

Today we are going to discuss the features that men find attractive in women. Whenever men look at women, they perform a kind of a subconscious assessment of their reproductive capacity. And here are some parameters they pay attention to.

1. Waist to hip ratio


Men love it when a woman has a slender waist and broad hips. The ratio is to be about 7:10. Hips demonstrate the ability of women to bear and give birth to a child, and a small waist is an indicator of femininity.

2. High-pitched voice


A high-pitched female voice is perceived as more attractive for men. The high-pitched voice symbolizes young and delicate, tiny and feminine body.

3. Beautiful hair



Long, shiny and healthy hair is very important for female attractiveness. It is also related to the ability of women to bear and give birth to children as it is an indicator of health.

4. Smile


Men like it when women smile. And the whiter their teeth are – the better. It is interesting to note that women, on the contrary, prefer it when a man keeps seriousness.

5. Less make-up


Men prefer women that use less make-up. Naturalness is what they value.

6. Red colour in the outfit

red dress

Red enhances women’s attractiveness to men. By the way, some primates attraction is based on the same factor.

Well, let’s sum up. In the eyes of men, there are two main factors of attractiveness in the opposite sex. A woman should be feminine and healthy, as it is showed by all 6 signs listed above. So if you have a thin waist, high-pitched voice, long shiny hair, red dress and a natural blush on your cheeks, there will be no man able to resist you!


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