Melania “Uses Her Clothes to Hurt Donald Trump” – Omarosa Newman-Manigault

In her book “Unhinged”, Omarosa Newman-Manigault revealed what is behind the clothing choices of Melania Trump. According to Trump’s former adviser, Melania “uses her clothes to hurt Donald Trump”. In her book, the former White House employee reveals the marital crisis that the presidential couple is going through.

Omarosa explains that the Trump couple is sidelined and that Melania is impatient for her husband to leave the White House to divorce. In this book where the revelations are linked, Omarosa Newman says that the First Lady “count the days” to finally be free.

In addition, to express his dismay, Melania prefers clothing communication instead of scandalous statements. A few weeks ago, Melania had donned a khaki Zara jacket with the words “I have nothing to do with you?” As she was going to a detention center for migrant children on the Mexican border.

Moreover, the Net surfers had asked the question of the why to know the motivations of the First Lady, which left them on their hunger. It was a way for her to express her disagreement with her husband’s migration policy.

USA: Melania outfits to "punish" Donald Trump

“Melania does not lack compassion for migrant children, quite the contrary. But she demolished her husband’s instructions to take revenge and shame her (…) I think she was forced to go to the border this June to try to repair the deplorable image caused by politics. Trump “, lights Omarosa Newman-Manigault. “She wore this jacket to hurt Trump, create a controversy and prolong the debate on the insensitivity of his cabinet. And at the same time, completely destroy the effects of the trip and ensure that no one asks him to repeat such a mission.


Everything is well calculated

In other events, Melania has somehow passed messages. “She is an expert in fashion and very conscious of her image. She leaves nothing to chance. ”

USA: Melania outfits to "punish" Donald Trump

This was the case on January 30, 2018, after his official release regarding the Stormy Daniels scandal that revealed having sex with Donald Trump. Melania had worn a white ensemble, an emblem of feminism and anti-Trump. We still remember in February 2017, the elected Democrats had worn white clothes to plead the right of women. The outfit also recalled that of Hillary Clinton during his face-to-face with Donald Trump.

USA: Melania outfits to "punish" Donald Trump

In addition, Melania had also worn the “pussy bow”, like knots tied around the necks of cats before responding to the statement of the most indecent Trump.

“When you’re a star, [women] let you do it, you can do whatever you want, catch them by the pussy, do whatever you want.”


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