Melania Trump and Michelle Obama Clash: Former First Lady Criticizes Her Successor

In a rare broadcast interview on her tour of Africa, Melania claimed she faces an onslaught of unfair criticism. However, Mrs Obama has criticised her comments during an interview to promote her upcoming book. The former First Lady said her successor should stop complaining.

When asked whether she could relate to Mrs Trump’s comments during an interview on NPR, she said: “I can’t”.

The wife of the former President continued: “I wrote about the fact that how I learned not to take myself so seriously in this role.

“I would see the sacrifice that these families would make and the hardships that they would bare because they would have a loved one serving and dying and putting their life at risk.

Melania Trump Michelle Obama

Melania Trump was criticised by Michelle Obama for claiming she is bullied (Image: GETTY)

Trump Obama


Melania Trump replaced Michelle Obama as First Lady in January 2017 (Image: GETTY)

“I admired them and it made me feel like, ‘let me not complain out loud about anything that is happening to me’.”

The interview is the first time Mrs Obama has criticised her successor since she and her husband departed the White House in January 2017.

Her comments came after Mrs Trump sat down for her first solo one to one interview while in Africa last month.

The First Lady said: “I could say I’m the most bullied person in the world.”

Melania Trump

Melania Trump gave her first one to one interview while in Africa (Image: GETTY)

Clarifying that she thought she was “one of” the most bullied people, she criticised the media’s treatment of her.

The First Lady said people could see the extent of the bullying if “you really see what people are saying about me”.

Mrs Trump has started her “Be Best” initiative, which aims to teach children about the dangers of cyberbullying, since making the White House her home.

It was her first campaign to launch as First Lady.


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