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Mehdi Ghassani; A Senegalese Man Rescues A Little Girl Stuck On The Third Floor Of A Building (VIDEO)

Several videos showing the rescue of a girl stranded on a balcony, on the third floor of a building in Dakar, have been massively shared on social networks. A heroic act reminiscent of Mamoudou Gassama in Paris.

Mehdi Ghassani, a Senegalese of Lebanese origin, rescued on October 5th a child stranded on the balcony of a building in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Filmed from several angles, the perilous rescue was widely relayed on social networks. In one of the videos, we can see Mehdi Ghassani down from the fourth floor to the third, from the balcony, to reach the girl and seize it. 

In an interview published on October 9 by the Senenews news site, he explains that he found himself “by chance” in front of the building where the girl was when he was going to visit a friend. “I saw many people and seeing [the little girl] up, I then parked directly. I am directly on the top floor […]. I followed my instinct […] I looked down and saw that she was on the third floor. I then jumped directly, “he continued.


Quickly compared to  Mamoudou Gassama , a Malian who had rescued a child in May that was in danger of falling into the emptiness of the top of the fourth floor of a Paris building, Mehdi Ghassani prefers to remain modest: “Me is the opposite, he he climbed, I got to the top and it’s harder to climb. “


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