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Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress Revealed

Meghan Markle could be going in a way different from  Kate Middleton for her wedding dress … IF she goes with Israeli designer Inbal Dror.

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Dror confirmed Monday she was contacted by the Royal Family about possibly dressing Meghan for the big day with Prince Harry — and the 3 sketches she submitted leaked


While Kate’s Alexander McQueen was more of an a-line gown, Dror’s designs are all body-hugging. All 3 include long sleeves — a tradition for royal brides. See Princess Di, Kate and even Camilla.

Most of Dror’s designs go for $8k to $10k, but this is next level. Keep in mind, Kate’s dress was reportedly almost $500k. It’s not a done deal either — Dror will certainly be competing with other top designers.

Meghan’s got great taste, though — Dror dressed Beyoncé for the Grammys last year, and she’s also fitted Naomi Watts.



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