Meghan Markle’s Sister Ridicules Royal Family, Blasting ‘Kindergarten’ Coat of Arms

Meghan Markle’s half sister has lashed out against the Duchess of Sussex and the Royal Family on Twitter, criticising her new coat of arms for looking like a “kindergarten” drawing.

Taking to Twitter to publically rant about her sister, Samantha Markle, 53, branded Queen “classless” for not including their father Thomas Markle on the coat, which looks “silly” because neither women’s rights, the UN or “anything of substance” was depicted.

She said it was “extremely improper that my father was not named”, during her Twitter rant.

Her comments came days after Meghan’s sister criticised her for being “ungrateful” and said the Duchess “didn’t walk on water”.

Ms Markle, who has not spoken to the Duchess since 2015, insulted her coat of arms design claiming it “looks like it was drawn by someone in a kindergarten classroom”.

Ms Markle said: “Quills for communication?

“She does not communicate with people she cuts people out of her life including a best friend of 30 years and two speeches in her whole life time does not make her a public speaker.

“Her degrees are in drama and foreign affairs and only a bachelor degree.”

She went on: “Her motto is say nothing and she cut everyone off.



Samantha Markle blasted Meghan’s coat of arms for looking like a “kindergarten” picture

“It just seems like the coat of arms was thrown together it’s silly because neither the UN, nor women’s rights, nor anything of substance.. but especially our dad and even her mom are not represented there.

“It is an empty coat of arms so it makes no sense.”


She added: “Our father should be named on the coat of arms and for the Royals to deprive him of that is classless.”

Ms Markle added: “Our father is American but we have ties in the family tree to royalty in several places according to the college of arms.”



The Duchess of Sussex worked closely with the Royal College of Arms during the design process

She then tweeted again: “According to the college of arms in [sic] American should be named on the coat of arms if he is in anyway related to royalty.

“My father is. What is represented on this coat of arms communication is weak. Where is their representation of women’s rights or humanitarianism?”

Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle Snr is not being appointed a coat of arms, breaking a long-standing royal family tradition, in which a royal coat of arms representing her family would be given to her father.

No statement has been made by Kensington Palace to explain why Mr Markle, 73, did not receive a coat of arms.

The Duchess of Sussex worked with the royal College of Arms throughout the process of designing her coat of arms.

The blue background of the shield depicts the Pacific Ocean off the California coast whereas the two golden rays across the shield symbolise sunshine, representing the state where the Duchess grew up.

The three quills stand for communication and the power of words, while the grass beneath the shield bear golden poppies – representing California’s state flower – and wintersweet, a flower which grows at Kensington Palace’s gardens.

Meghan’s coat of arms design was approved by The Queen and Garter King of Arms, Thomas Woodcock, as well as Senior Herald in England, who is based at the College of Arms in London.


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