Meghan Markle Writes Notes on Banana to Encourage Call Girls

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle left loving notes on banana for sex workers to find in their food parcels during a visit to a charity that tries to help them off the streets.

Meghan spontaneously came up with the touching idea to inscribe the kind and empowering words on bananas as she helped volunteers at One25 in Bristol pack lunches for the vulnerable women they help.

She wrote on several of the fruit during her unannounced visit to the charity with Prince Harry, as the couple braved the wintry weather that had been keenly felt in the city overnight.

Among the inspiring messages – all written in capital letters and accompanied by a heart – were: “You are strong”, “You are special”, “You are brave” and “You are loved”.

Before she began, the heavily-pregnant duchess explained how the thought had come to her as a result of watching a programme on television a few days before.


She said:

“I was thinking about this the other day. I saw this programme this woman had started in the States on a school lunch programme when on each of the bananas she wrote an affirmation or something to make the kids feel really empowered.


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