Meghan Markle Spotted with £450 ‘Evil Eye Necklace’ in Cape Town

Meghan Markle has been keeping foes and negative energy away with a (£450) ‘evil eye’ necklace during her royal tour of South Africa.

Meghan has been spotted wearing the necklace, by Turkish-inspired jewellery designer Alemdara, earlier this week as she visited Cape Town with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle with Prince Harry [Photo: Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror]

The delicate necklace features a mini hand of Hamsa encrusted with white diamonds and a small blue evil eye.

According to Alemdara’s website, the hand of Hamsa is used to “ward off negativity” and has been used as a sign of protection for centuries in many cultures.

The hand is also said to bring its owner “health, luck and happiness”.

Meghan wore the necklace on a visit to the Nyanga township [Photo: Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror]

The website said the evil eye has also been used for centuries as “protection against negative will” by reflecting the evil back to where it came from and shielding its owner from envious feelings.

It is particularly popular in the Mediterranean, where the eye is often seen on homes and boats as well as jewellery.

The ‘Altan’ necklace by jewellery designer Alemdara [Photo:]

“The eye will continually stare at the world around you to ward off evil and keep the owner safe from harm,” the website said.

The Duchess wore the 18-carat gold necklace as she gave a speech at the Nyanga township in Cape Town.

There didn’t seem to be any negativity near Meghan as she enjoyed a dance [Photo: Ian Vogler / Daily Mirror]

Meghan has been seen wearing jewellery featuring the evil eye before. Last December, soon after her father Thomas Markle claimed he had been ‘frozen out’, she was seen wearing a Sh31,922 (£250) rose gold ring by Turkish brand Kismet which feature a hand symbol with the eye in its palm.

A spokesperson for Alemdara said they were “very pleased” to see the Duchess wearing one of their necklaces.


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