Meghan Markle: Her Father, Thomas Fearing a Near Death, Makes a Special Request

Meghan Markle’s father wants more than ever to get in touch with his daughter because he fears he may die soon.

According to British media reports, Thomas Markle is said to have “a broken heart” because of the long distance with his daughter since her marriage to Prince Harry.

The sick father of the Duchess of Sussex thinks he might never see his daughter again because the royal couple are far from him.


Thomas Markle, who turns 74 next week, fears he will not be able to live long enough because of his cardiac arrest and heart surgery. That’s why he wants his daughter to get in touch with him before it’s too late.

“I had a heart attack, nobody cares? I could really die soon, “he told Sun daily Sunday.

“Does she want this to be the last thing we said to each other? “

Thomas claims that Meghan Markle is no longer answering his calls and that a Kensington Palace employee has not responded to his messages.

Mirror Thomas, 73, told his friends, “I have not talked to Meghan and Harry for a long time. I think they put a line on me. “

“I do not know if she’s going to visit me. I had asked him not to come when I was in the hospital. I think this relationship has ended. “

A few weeks ago, Thomas was irritated by the fact that Donald Trump will meet the queen before him.

“If the queen is ready to meet our arrogant, ignorant and insensitive president, she has no excuse for not meeting me, I am far from being so bad.

Remember that Thomas Markle was not present at his daughter’s wedding because he had to undergo cardiac surgery.



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