Meghan Markle: Her Father Reveals What He Said to Prince Harry When He Asked for His Daughter’s Hand

Meghan Markle’s father gave the details of his conversation with Prince Harry when he came to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Thomas Markle had made him promise that he would never “raise his hand on his daughter. “

“I told him,” you are a gentleman, promise me never to raise my hand on my daughter and I have given her my permission, “he said in his first interview after his absence at the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Thomas Markle was the guest of the TV show Good Morning Britain presented by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

“Meghan was the first to inform me of the prince’s decision and after a while, Harry phoned me to let me know about his marriage proposal. “

He also spoke of his regrets for missing his daughter’s wedding, saying he would have liked to drive her to the altar.

“I wish it were me. “

Meghan Markle: His father reveals what he said to Prince Harry when he asked for his daughter's hand


Victim of a heart attack a few days before the wedding, Thomas Markle was unable to attend his daughter’s happiest day.

“The most unfortunate thing for me is that I became a footnote in one of the greatest moments in history rather than the dad who accompanies his daughter to the altar.”

However, he said he was honored to have been replaced by Prince Charles. “It must have been a real pleasure for him because he did not have a girl. “

Thomas Markle was pleased with his daughter’s choice and is impatient to visit the royal family

“My daughter is very smart, she knows who she wants to be with, she’s a smart girl and she made a good choice. The royal life is very complicated, but it will be up to it. My daughter is capable of everything and she will be a compliment for the royal family. “

“I can not wait to go to London and see them. I send them my love. As for Meghan and Harry, I could not be more proud of them and love them. I have a new son-in-law.

“He is a gentleman, a smart young man and he also protects my daughter and I appreciate all those who protect my daughter. “

“You can see it when they are together, it’s a real love story and I’m very happy. “


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