Meghan Markle: Discover the Worth of Her Bracelet at the Astronomical Price

A few days ago, the new Duchess Meghan Markle made her first public appearance after her marriage to Prince Harry. The ceremony was exciting for billions of viewers around the world last weekend. As Prince Charles’s new brue was attending the Garden Party held in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, one could well see her bracelet at the astronomical price.

Meghan Markle: Discover the value of its bracelet at the astronomical price


Despite the absence of Kate Middleton, Duchess Meghan Markle managed to immortalize her very first public appearance. According to the British media, the new duchess of the British royal family appeared more beautiful than ever, with a sumptuous wrist bracelet. Our colleagues in the British daily The Sun  said it would be a Cartier bracelet made of  18 carats of white gold  and  61 diamonds , for the modest sum of £ 17,700, or about $ 19,400.

Meghan Markle: Discover the value of its bracelet at the astronomical price

If we stick to the first rumors, they suggest that the bracelet was offered by Prince Harry in person to his wife as a wedding gift. Note also that the bracelet that the Duchess wore for her wedding cost no less than  £ 136,000  . Significant amounts but not much for the royal family.


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