Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Relationship Is Under ‘Pressure’ Because of Tabloids’ Feud Stories

The British tabloids continued their weeks-long practice of publishing unflattering stories about Meghan Markle and the royal family drama she allegedly “caused” last weekend when The Sun reported that Harry accused Prince William of “trying to wreck” his relationship with Meghan before they got married. While the headlines are sensationalized and the quotes are from “sources” with their own agendas, they are cumulatively having a very real, negative effect on Meghan and Harry’s relationship, Us Weeklyis reporting.

The outlet reported from its own source that Harry “feels powerless” combatting the smear campaign-like stories that are being published about Meghan. The stories altogether have “put pressure on her relationship with Harry,” the source explained. “He’s very frustrated with how little can be done. Keeping her away from the negativity and harm has been hard for him. It’s been his purpose in their relationship to keep her away from the negativity.”


Meghan, meanwhile, is said to purposely avoid reading the stories. A source told Vanity Fair‘s royal correspondent Katie Nicholl earlier this month that “she feels to a degree the British press is out to get her and while she’s aware of the news and what’s going on, she tries her best not to read all the stories about her.”

Meghan has long been a target of the British press since her and Prince Harry’s relationship became public. Meghan told Vanity Fair last November that she dealt with the nasty stories written about her by ignoring them. “I don’t read any press,” she said. “I haven’t even read press for Suits. The people who are close to me anchor me in knowing who I am. The rest is noise.”


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