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Meet Zulkaif Chaudhary, the Man Who Keeps Lion as Pet, Lets It Sleep On His Bed

Most people who are inclined to own a pet often opt for simple things – a cute dog or cat.

But, Zulkaif Chaudhary, 33, is a different person. This Pakistani prefers to live with an adult lion. Yes you read well … a lion!

The man told Caters news agency that he bought the “big cat” six months ago when he was still young.

The lion named Babbar eats about eight kilograms of meat a day and weighs 76 kilos. According to Zulkaif, Babbar walks around the house and even has the chance to own a king-size bed.

The owner of the lion, who is also a father, considers the furry animal as his child and opposes the chaining of the king of the jungle.

“I have never chained Babbar and I will never do it either because I love him as my own child,” he said.


And if you think the lion’s choice was a decision made by the whole family, then sorry to say you’re wrong. Zulkaif did not inform anyone of his decision to buy the wild animal. He bought it and surprised his parents.

“But they were all very happy to see him. They all come to meet him every day, “said the rich father.

Watch the video below …



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