Meet This Young Genius Who Was Offered 36 College Acceptance Letters

It is that time of year when seniors in high school anxiously await a letter from the colleges of their choice. They keep their fingers crossed and hope that all of their hard work and extra-curricular activities were enough to get them into their first choice schools. For one Chicago teen, his hard work paid off in a big way. Christian Davis who is graduating from Southland College Prep this year has the difficult decision of narrowing down his college choice between over three dozen different colleges around the country.

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Davis has always been a great student. He has worked hard through the years to make sure that he was as academically successful as possible. He has been in AP and honors courses throughout his years at Southland College Prep. His ACT score was a 34 which is far above the average of 20 for the school. His GPA on a four-point level is a 4.79. With these amazing scores and obvious dedication that Davis has put into his academics, it is a wonder that he has time for anything else in his life. Not only does he work hard at school but he also volunteers at a local hospital playing guitar to help others feel a little better.

Now that he has gotten his acceptance letters it is time for Davis to choose the school that he will be attending in the fall. He has gotten over $5 million in scholarship money. He has been accepted to four Ivy League schools. Davis has acceptance letters from 20 out of the 50 top-ranked colleges in the country. His decision will not be an easy one for sure. He states that he wants to study engineering but also wants to become a neurosurgeon. As of right now his top three choices are Johns Hopkins University, Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard.

Davis stated that he didn’t remember being a good student his entire life but said that his mother moved the family into a better area in the Chicago suburbs to make sure that they would have a good education and a better life. He does not like history but says that he doesn’t have a subject that he would say is his favorite. Christian Davis has a bright future ahead of him!

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